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Deep in the Wood 

Drawing Near The Light

Lo, when we wade the tangled wood,

In haste and hurry to be there,

Nought seems its leaves and blossoms good,

For all that they be fashioned fair

But looking up, at last we see

The glimmer of the open light,

From o'er the place where we would be:

Then grow the very brambles bright.

So now, amidst  our day of strife,

With many a matter glad we play,

When once we see the light of life

Gleam through the tangle of to-day.

                                                             William Morris


Please contact me if you would like more information on any of these paintings

Original works

This body of work came about through the pandemic lockdowns in 2020/21. Walking in the local woods became a welcome joy and fascination. I became aware of  presence, place and nature and the moving cycle of nature.
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